Det börjar bli allt vanligare att folk vill ha en egen prägel på sina spön, antingen genom en detalj eller också vill man ha ett helt spö byggt efter väldigt specifika önskemål. Som tur är så finns det ett gäng duktiga spöbyggare här i Sverige som kan hjälpa till med just detta. Hos Söder sportfiske kan man numer köpa rena spöklingor från St Croix men man kan även träffa Gary Benney som är just spöbyggare och mannen bakom True Custom Rods.

Vi bestämde oss för att ta ett litet snack med honom om honom och om True Custom Rods.

Kan du berätta lite om vem du är?
My name is Gary Benney, an englishman who moved to sweden just over 6 years ago with my swedish girlfriend.

I am an avid angler, growing up with a river at the bottom of my garden and a keen uncle and granddad both fishing a lot it was natural I followed suit and it wasn't long before my granddad showed me his own built rods and I wanted to try!

From then on I fished a lot, even under sponsorship and built a few rods for myself and also did repairs after bike accidents on the way to the lakes!

Many years later after building rods for myself, friends and their friends I decided due to demand to setup a more professional outfit in the form of true custom rods.



Vad är det för typ av jobb du gör?
At True customs I build complete customs from scratch, this is even down to getting a blank specially made along with custom components machined and fitted.

I also do repair work, rings, broken rods, rebuilds etc and help out Söder sportfiske with their rod repairs.

Another side is rod design for rod manufacturers and retailers which i enjoy very much! But most of my work is spinning and specimen rods.

"A broken st croix long ranger split grip goes out looking better than it ever dreamed of!"

"A broken st croix long ranger split grip goes out looking better than it ever dreamed of!"

Vad kostar kalaset då?
I specialise in top end products from what I consider the best producers. There is nothing wrong with a 50 dollar blank but for me I like to provide something special. Most people who come to me want something that's extra special, they know what they want or indeed need and it's not able to buy in the shops. Hence the name "True custom" it is from the beginning exactly what they require.

Therefore a full custom starts at around 3000kr, but rebuild work, names, logos etc is all priced accordingly so little jobs I do also from as little as 100kr.

"Fuji K series Titanium Torzite."

"Fuji K series Titanium Torzite."

Kan du berätta om ett bygge som du håller extra kärt?
I have built rods that sit in cabinets never to be fished, with one off blanks and custom made rings and reel seats, very exclusive! But I love building rods to do the job at hand, look good but a very "trick" and "functional" at the same time. Infact I think my favourite rod is one I built for my daughter, a small spinning rod with bright pink metallic whippings, it's my favourite as I have never seen a smile so big on presenting a rod to somebody!


Så hur gör man då om man vill låta bygga ett spö?
If anybody wants to chat about there dreamrod or just a repair, just drop me a mail or ring me to chat, (swedish or english) and we go from there, I like to go over the build in full to draw a picture in my head what they require.

Kolla in fler bilder på True Custom Rods Facebooksida där man även hittar kontaktuppgifter om du vill ha hjälp med att bygga ditt drömspö.